Every move matters. Make yours count.

Welcome to Chess Hero — a fresh take on the classic game of chess. Play with an added touch of luck, ascend the ranks and compete in tournaments to claim fantastic prizes.

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How to play

Chess Hero is the same old chess you know and love with a fresh twist. Let’s have a look:


The game has classical chess rules and strategies.


You get 3 in-game dice to roll and make 3-move combinations. The perfect blend of luck and strategy.


Play the game and earn special items to customise your Chess Hero experience.


Chess Hero’s social currency which you can win or buy.

guaranteed cash-out

Guaranteed cash-out tournaments

Tournaments have guaranteed cash-out funds, so it’s never all or nothing! Once you’re among the Top 50 players, you’ll be invited to live cup tournaments with real prizes.

guaranteed cash-out
ranked playguaranteed cash-out

Ranked play

Play games, climb the leaderboard and become its king. You’ll also get invited to exclusive tournaments with special in-game prizes.

guaranteed cash-out

Fun daily events

Join our daily gauntlet matches or seasonal events to test your skill, get bigger prizes and capture the most chess fun.

daily events

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